The iPad’s beautiful, large touchscreen and cutting edge user interface is turning heads in the healthcare industry.  As a new iPad owner, you will have access to thousands of applications that will help you improve your health and wellness.  Out of the myriad of applications that will be released in the coming months, here is a first look at five iPad applications to ensure your health and happiness:

  1. Carter’s Encyclopedia of Health and Medicine: this mind-blowing app features 12,000 entries of medical knowledge contained in only 50 mb.  Users can find information at the touch of a button via full-text search or use the interactive body diagram.  Pages can additionally be bookmarked for later study.
  2. Symptom Checker MD: this app helps users quickly search for medical answers based on symptoms.  Through an interactive user interface, individuals are able to quickly check symptoms and match them against various conditions.  After browsing for these conditions, Symptom Check recommends doctors in the local area and helps you schedule an appointment.
  3. Mens Health: Readers of Mens Health will find that the iPad version of this popular magazine is the future of electronic media in the palm of our hands.  Mens Health is a leader in providing men informative articles on a wide range of topics including health, nutrition, and wellness.  The iPad app version appears just as the print version, yet allows users to explore the issue via the Enhanced View, which overlays icons to reveal a page’s multimedia features.
  4. The 5-Minute Clinical Consult: this database features detailed information of over 700 medical conditions that users can browse to educate themselves for peace of mind and healthier lifes.
  5. The Human Body 2: curious whats under the skin?  The Human Body 2 features detailed descriptions on the nervous, muscle, internal organs, and skeletal systems.